Cambodia – Twenty-four Provinces – One Motorcycle

What can I do for a month in Cambodia? Get out and ride through all twenty-four Cambodian provinces on my motorcycle! Thoughts¬†about an extended trip through Cambodia by motorcycle have been on my mind for a long time…. Read More

The Lady on the White Building

The first time I saw¬†the White Building in Phnom Penh I was intrigued with it. It is a building that can’t hide in any city. Boldly towering in an area that changes more every time I visit, the… Read More

In Search of Cambodian Temples – 1,000 Kilometers by Motorcycle (Part 2 of 3)

After spending the morning at Koh Ker and the surrounding temples it is time to get back out on the road for my next destination. For the past year I have had my eye on Preah Khan/Kompong Svay…. Read More

Searching for New Places (Part Two – Poeung Komnou)

The internet is a great place to find places to explore. Whether it is a post on Facebook, a news article or an image that pops up there is no end to online information. A few months ago… Read More

The Story Behind the Image

I recently posted this image on Facebook and I had a few comments alluding to great storytelling, the feelings that evolve from a single image and how one photo can say so much. As photographer one of my… Read More