Back to my Bicycle Roots – Part Two

Part two of my bicycle ride around Cambodia. After an uneventful ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh I rewarded myself with a day off from riding. This is the day I am going to get my bicycle… Read More

The White Building – The End of an Era

What could be better than an abandoned building? A building that looks like it should be abandoned but is actually home to twenty-five hundred people. This is The White Building. It was three years ago during a photography… Read More

Jungle Bikes of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri

Throughout my travels in Cambodia I have come across all sorts of motorcycles and motorbikes. From top of the line new Harleys to the most decrepit of bikes that makes one wonder how they are held together. Bikes… Read More

The Cardamom Mountains and Osoam

During my first extended stay in Cambodia two years ago I first learned about the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia. I edged towards the mountains on my second hand Honda Air Blade as I got my feet wet with… Read More

Cambodia – Twenty-four Provinces – One Motorcycle – Part 2

Continued from Part One Leaving Kampot I head north towards the big city – Phnom Penh. Because I am more of a countryside traveler I prefer the smaller cities. But I can have a good time in a… Read More