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Phare, The Cambodian Circus



Practice before the presentation of Eclipse

A few months after my intial four day trip to Cambodia I returned to stay a little more than two months. This time I was able to spend more time around the temples and get out to some of the backroads to see what this country is all about.

I spent the first two weeks in the Angkor Photo Workshop with Karl Grobl. It was here that I learned about storytelling through photography. I had the option of choosing a topic to explore and shoot for the first week in Siem Reap but I left the decision to Karl. I felt that choosing for myself would make the project too easy with my biases coming into play. I would surely choose something I felt comfortable with. Read More

Can One Image Change a Persons Life?


Kompong Khleang on the Tonle Sap in Cambodia

One of my hopes as a photographer is that someday one of my images makes a positive difference in someone’s life. Maybe someone will see something in one of my images that gives them a reason to visit a distant land or maybe buy a new camera to make images of their own. Maybe an image will portray a person in a way that motivates another person to take some action that brings something better to the life of┬áthe person in the image.

As of today I know of only one of my images that made changes happen in a persons life. I know that because the person whose life changed is me.
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A Little Wooden Elephant – Is This How It All Began?

Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_14424-Edit-EditLet’s turn the clock back to the second half of the 1960’s. I was a young kid in the third or fourth grade with no money, no job prospects and a wild imagination. Just a typical everyday kid. The word adventure would hardly be used in the same sentence as one describing the scrawny red-headed kid who barely had enough guts to talk to a grocery clerk or librarian. I may have been locked in my own shyness-induced world but I still had dreams. Dreams of seeing the world. Dreams of adventures around every corner. I could have been Walter Mitty’s Mini-Me. Read More