The Streets of Siem Reap


Tok Vanna

Last year I discovered Sister Srey Cafe near the end of my two month stay in Siem Reap. The cafe is near the old market along the banks of the Siem Reap river. It is run by two Australian sisters who came here a number of years ago and fell in love with Cambodia and its people. Most of the staff at the cafe are pursuing their education while working and they balance work, school and a little bit of Cambodian life. Even with all they have to do they helped me out last year when I was trying to sell my motorbike and again this year they helped me look for an apartment.

Although they didn’t know me from any other tourist they were there to help and I guess that is just the kind of people they are, but this story is not about them. I could write many stories about the people I have met at Sister Srey since I spend a lot of mornings here at the cafe eating and watching the world go by. Cambodian style.

Last year outside the cafe I noticed one of many street vendors in Siem Reap. This guy spends his days on the side of the street selling books off of a two wheeled cart. Last year he caught my eye while eating breakfast as I would watch him set up for the day. As I left the cafe and passed by he would always say hello and smile. Read More

Phare, The Cambodian Circus



Practice before the presentation of Eclipse

A few months after my intial four day trip to Cambodia I returned to stay a little more than two months. This time I was able to spend more time around the temples and get out to some of the backroads to see what this country is all about.

I spent the first two weeks in the Angkor Photo Workshop with Karl Grobl. It was here that I learned about storytelling through photography. I had the option of choosing a topic to explore and shoot for the first week in Siem Reap but I left the decision to Karl. I felt that choosing for myself would make the project too easy with my biases coming into play. I would surely choose something I felt comfortable with. Read More

Can One Image Change a Persons Life?


Kompong Khleang on the Tonle Sap in Cambodia

One of my hopes as a photographer is that someday one of my images makes a positive difference in someone’s life. Maybe someone will see something in one of my images that gives them a reason to visit a distant land or maybe buy a new camera to make images of their own. Maybe an image will portray a person in a way that motivates another person to take some action that brings something better to the life of the person in the image.

As of today I know of only one of my images that made changes happen in a persons life. I know that because the person whose life changed is me.
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A Little Wooden Elephant – Is This How It All Began?

Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_14424-Edit-EditLet’s turn the clock back to the second half of the 1960’s. I was a young kid in the third or fourth grade with no money, no job prospects and a wild imagination. Just a typical everyday kid. The word adventure would hardly be used in the same sentence as one describing the scrawny red-headed kid who barely had enough guts to talk to a grocery clerk or librarian. I may have been locked in my own shyness-induced world but I still had dreams. Dreams of seeing the world. Dreams of adventures around every corner. I could have been Walter Mitty’s Mini-Me. Read More