Let This Be The Year…..


It happens every year. There is no stopping it. One year ends and another begins. People party, watch the ball drop in New York City and make promises to themselves for the upcoming year.

A new exercise regiment? Eat food that helps your body instead of hurting it? Fit into that dress/swimsuit/jeans by summer? Resolutions have been around as long as anyone knows and they will probably be here forever. There is nothing wrong with resolutions and they may as well start on a day we can remember easily.

Let this be the year…..

Let this be the year that you see a path off to the left and instead of going straight along your comfort route you turn and explore.Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_34002

Let this be the year you talk to some people who can’t understand what you are saying.Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_25844

Let this be the year you find joy in your accomplishments.After a strenuous hike up Koko Crater Ryan, Leslie, And Shelley still have more than enough energy to get airborne.

Let this be the year you sit down and eat with strangers.Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_25290

Let this be the year you find that elusive greener grass.Scott_Sharick_Photography_373841

Let this be the year you do something you haven’t done in ten, twenty, or forty years.Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_97838

Let this be the year you spend time alone with no distractions and just think.The sun lit up the peaks of the Eastern Sierra Mountains in California..

Let this be the year you go somewhere you’ve never been.Scott_Sharick_Photo__2014_40179

Let this be the year you notice the beauty around you.There is no shortage of beautiful sunrises and sunsets to be found anywhere on the Hawaiian Islands.

Let this be the year you push yourself just a little bit further.Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_91808

Let this be the year you are thankful for what you have.Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_22724-Edit

Let this be the year you watch the sunrise or sunset in silence and just enjoy it.Last Sunset of 2014

Let this be the year you see how other people live and understand why.Scott_Sharick_Photo__2015_31352

Let this be the year you look for the beauty in simplicity.A beautiful California sunrise outside of Sacramento.

Let this be the year you make time to spend time with othersA couple make thier way down a trail in Griffith Park with the sun setting behind them.


Where will 2016 lead you?

Acrobat and Temple



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