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Many people ask how I afford to ride my bicycle around the world. I often find myself asking the same question!

I gave away almost all of my possessions before I started this ride. The less possessions we have the less money we need to support those possessions. I have a box with some important papers and such back in the US and a small suitcase with some extra clothes in Siem Reap. Everything else I own is on my bicycle. You can read about me becoming a minimalist here.

Here are some of the ways that you can help keep me on the road and producing more content.


As a photographer I have many images available for purchase or licensing. You can find my work on my website: Scott Sharick Photography. Any of the images you see on Facebook, Instagram or here on my blog are also available for sale. If you see one you like and it is not on my website please contact me and I will add it so it can be purchased.

Photography Book:

While I was on this trip I published a book “The People of Southeast Asia” which showcases many of the people I have photographed over the past few years. The book is available on Blurb and can be purchased in hardcover, softcover, e-book or PDF formats. I will be publishing another book of temples and/or Buddha statues in the future. 

Amazon Affiliate Links:

Click on any of the Amazon Affiliate links you find on any of my sites and this will take you to my Amazon Affiliate page. Anything you purchase during that session will send a little bit of money my way. You don’t have to purchase the item that I show in the link – any purchase counts. There is no extra cost to you – Amazon credits me for sending you to their site. Use these links anytime and for any purchase. This will help me out a lot.


You can now support me through Patreon. Take a look to see what I have to offer at the different tier levels.

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If you wish you make make a donation through PayPal. Any amount helps and will aways be appreciated. Use the link below to take you to my PayPal Donation page.

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