Ting Mong Scarecrows in Cambodia

Could hot, humid weather, a low elderly population, mostly rural population and no mass transit system have contributed to the low Covid-19 infection rate in Cambodia? Or is there something else at play here? Something from beyond? In… Read More

10,000 Miles!!

10,000 Miles!! After starting my ride in Bangkok about sixteen months ago I have reached another major mileage milestone. Ten thousand miles!! My ride has taken me through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. I… Read More

I Decided to Stay in Bangladesh

After the events of last night I fully expected a night full of tossing and turning. I thought every noise would wake me from a sleep that was in reality just a disguised form of consciousness. But I… Read More

Bangladesh. Did I Make A Serious Mistake?

I left my hotel in Falakata, India in anticipation of making it into country number seven on my ride around the world. The roads in West Bengal are as good as any I have seen in the past… Read More

Why Am I Here And Not There?

It seems that border towns are funnels for bicycle tourists. More often than not I meet multiple long distance riders at or near borders. When I was near the Thailand/Myanmar border I ran into a number of long… Read More