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Do you like to exercise while on vacation? Minimizing the luggage we carry with us makes bringing  travel weights a cumbersome option. Looking for a place to work out while traveling through Cambodia? Do you become a different animal if you don’t get in regular workouts? Are those calories from the amok, fried bananas and smoothies building up? Do you worry how uncomfortable you will feel in the economy seat on your long airplane ride home? Are you wondering how to maintain your fitness in Cambodia?

Working out on vacation isn’t for everyone but if you just don’t feel human without getting your workouts this post can help. Sometimes it is difficult to find a place to work out or you may wonder if there was a better one nearby when you are in an unfamiliar city. I have been many places in Cambodia and I have tried many Cambodia gyms. If travel fitness is something you crave I hope this list helps you out.

Cambodia gyms offer fee weights as well as machines.

Free weights

Many of the Cambodia gyms might not be up to the standards you are used to back home but they all offer at least the basics – weights. They may not have the newest or most sophisticated equipment and they might not be in the best shape but in most cases it is better than nothing.

I don’t list gyms found in hotels which can range from a small room filled with basic equipment to full-scale offerings. If you are in one of those hotels you probably don’t need this list. The Khmer gyms in my list are the neighborhood gyms where you will likely find a predominantly local clientele with varying numbers of foreign visitors.

Many of these gyms are also part of the homes of the people who own them. Literally. It is not unusual to see the whole family pitching in the keep the place running. The children of these families grow up in these gyms and you will often see them walking through the weights and machines to get to their living quarters alongside or above the gym.

Daily costs range from the US equivalent of fifty cents to five dollars per visit (for foreigners) and many have additional costs for any cardio equipment they may have. The gyms generally open at 5:00 to 7:00 AM and remain open until 9:00 PM.


Cambodia Gyms


Gyms in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is one of the most visited cities in Cambodia due to its proximity to Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. While many people would be happy to consider their walking and climbing through the centuries-old temples in high humidity and stifling heat to be enough of a workout – there are those that still need their pump at a gym in Siem Reap.

Angkor Inter Fitness

Angkor Inter Fitness is the newest addition to the gym options in Siem Reap. Situated on the third floor above Thai Huot Market the gym is fully stocked with the newest free weights and machines. Along with personal trainers, exercise classes, yoga and a spa the gym is also the only one on my list that has air conditioning to cool you down during the sweltering Southeast Asia heat.

Along with the high-end machines and equipment comes a high-end price. The daily fee is $5.00 but that can be decreased if you opt for one of the varying length contracts. If you pay in advance for ten visits your per visit cost drops down to $4.00.

Spending a few weeks in Siem Reap? A one month contract will cost you $50. A three month contract runs $135, six months is $240 and one year will cost you $420. If you sign up with another person or a group of people those costs will decrease slightly.

Cost: $5/day to $420/year.

Hours: 06:00 – 21:00

Location: Preah Sangreach Tep Vong Street above Thai Huot Market, just west of the Siem Reap River

Angkor Muscle Gym

When I am in Siem Reap this is my go-to Cambodia gym. I have been going here for more than two years and I have seen ongoing changes to the equipment throughout that time. There are quite a few foreigners that use this gym – both short-term and long-term. They frequently upgrade the equipment making it worth another visit if you haven’t been there in a few months.

Cost: $1/day, $25/month

Hours: 06:00 – 21:00

Location: Siem Reap River Road, east side, just before the dam south of the Night Market.

Any Happy Gym

This gym is a relative newcomer to Siem Reap. Located a little out of the way compared to the other gyms in Siem Reap it seems to be well equipped and clean. There are a variety of machines and an ample amount of free weights to keep you satisfied during your workout.

I have not had the opportunity to work out here but I have a friend that goes daily and he is happy with the offerings including his personal trainer.

Cost: 2,000 Riel

Hours: 07:00 – 21:00

Location: Angkor Tree Street near Apsara Road

SC Sports Club Fitness Gym

SC Sports Club is a bit hard to find if you aren’t looking for it. It is located on a side street of the main National Road 6 and set back a bit making it hard to spot.

I have not worked out here but from talking to many people here over the years it seems to be a very popular gym in Siem Reap. The large assortment of machines looked old but in good shape and well maintained. The free weights are relatively new and well stocked.

I always wondered about this place but never made the change from my go-to gym in Siem Reap. Making a quick stop I can see why many locals and visitors alike made this their choice.

Cost: 3,000 Riel or $15/month

Hours: 06:30 – 21:00

Location: 200 meters north of National Road 6 on the road just east of Seng Hout Honda and west of Phsar Leu Market

Wat Bo Gym


This is a down and dirty local gym. I have never worked out here but it seems to be the sort of place that few visitors use. That may be because it is sort of hidden on the street and you almost have to know it is there to find it.

The equipment is mostly old but clean and it looks like they have enough weights and machines to keep you busy. Just don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles here.

Cost: $1/day

Hours: 06:30 – 22:00

Location: On Preah Sangreach Tep Vong Street east of the river just after Wat Bo Road on the right hand side of the street.

Gyms in Battambang

Battambang Fitness Club

Of all of the Cambodia gyms I have been to this is one of my favorites. Whenever I am in Battambang (about six times a year) I always go to this gym. Mid-morning the gym is quiet with little waiting time to use any of the equipment. Being a family run operation you will often see members of the family walking through the gym to get to their ‘home’ near the back. I imagine the little toddler will be sporting a six-pack by the time he makes it to middle school!

The gym and the equipment are well maintained  and I am sure you will find this a great place to work out while you spend some time in sleepy Battambang.

Cost: 2,500 Riel


Location: Behind Borey Thmey Mall on Street 104A

Monorom Fitness Center

I just recently passed by this gym not knowing it was here. I only had a quick look in the evening and it seems to have old out-dated equipment and limited options for machines. If you are in town there are other better options available but if you like the sound and feel of the old iron weights when you workout this may be the place for you.



Location: On Preah Vihea Street near the intersection of Street 119.

Monorom Gym


Monorom Gym and the nearby Monorom Fitness Center are owned by the same people which accounts for the similarity in the decor and equipment. Between the two of them I have only worked out at Monorom Gym and consequently I wasn’t overly impressed.

The equipment is from days past where I assume pain was the agenda for the day. Just using the free weights hurt from their old poorly-made design. They come from a time when pumping iron literally meant pumping iron. Plain rusty iron. Something most gyms have moved on from over the years.

Cost: 1,500 Cambodian Riel – although this has been inconsistent. Different day, different person, different fee.


Location: At the intersection of Road No. 1 and Street 211 near the Sangker River.


Sports Complex

I passed this gym many times as I came through Battambang from the southeast on National Road 5.

It is a large facility with lots of space between the machines and equipment. When I was there nobody was working out. This looks to be a place that isn’t frequented by many foreigners unless maybe they are staying at this end of town.

The equipment and weights are old and show years of use but generally speaking there is no reason why you couldn’t work out here. Unless of course you want a place with more current machines and weights.

Cost: 1,500 Riel to use the gym and 1,500 Riel/ten minutes if you want to use the cardio machines.

Hours: I couldn’t find anyone who spoke English so I could ask about the hours.

Location: On National Road 5 near the round-a-bout where Street 700 intersects.

Gyms in Koh Kong

K2 Fitness

K2 Fitness is a small local gym in a small town in the southwest corner of Cambodia. Despite being off the radar for many travelers the gym is clean with well maintained equipment. When I trained there I was one of only three people. My normal training times are mid-morning which tends to be a quiet time so I don’t know how busy this gym gets in the evening.

I don’t know if there are any other gyms in Koh Kong but it would be hard to beat the experience at this one as far as local gyms go.

Cost: 2,500 Riel and 1,500 Riel/10 minutes for treadmills. You can get a monthly non-electric membership for 60,000 Riel (about $15 US).

Hours: 6:00 AM to 21:00

Location: Located on Chicken Farm Road on the right hand side about 100 meters after you pass the traffic circle/Fat Sam’s.

Gyms in Kampot

Blue Star Sports Club

Although I have heard there is more than one Kampot gym I have only been able to find Blue Star Sports Club . It is somewhat hidden in plain sight so I passed it many times in the past without noticing it was there. If you know of any other gyms in Kampot feel free to leave some information in the comments below and I will take a look next time I am in town.

This gym leaves a lot to be desired. The weights and the limited machines are from times past and they are in need of an update. There are no racks for the free weights so they are strewn all over the floor. Sometimes I had to find two equal parts of a dumbbell to put together to make one whole one. There is a second smaller room attached you should look at if you are looking for a specific weight. They can be just about anywhere.

There is no A/C or fans here but every time I have been here there has been enough of a breeze blowing through to keep things relatively cool. As far as gyms go this won’t be at the top of anyones list – but if you want to get a workout in while you stay in Kampot you can make due with the tools you are given.

Cost: 2,000 Cambodian Riel.


Location: Sky Street. Leaving town to the west take Route 3 bridge over the river and take the second right. Just before the ninety degree left hand curve the gym will be on your right.

Gyms in Kampong Cham

The Fit

This is a small family run gym in Kampong Cham. Of the two gyms I have been to in Kampong Cham this one is the one I always return to. Sokha Gym may be right on the river and have a better view but the equipment is much better here and it is half the cost.

This is a small but very clean and new family-run option in Kampong Cham. The few times I have been here I was the only person working out. That doesn’t mean I was lonely – there is a lot of family day-to-day activity going on so I never felt alone.

Of the two options I have been to in Kampong Cham this one is not only better in terms of the equipment but it is half the cost of Sokha Gym.

Cost: 2,000 Riel

Hours: Hours seem variable. Maybe they don’t open if they don’t have customers at the time. I have gone there to work out at 10:00 AM and they were not open.

Location: Street 87 – 100 meters north of National Road 7.

Sokha Gym

Old equipment in a good location. Looking across the street you can see the Mekong River – which also allows for some wind flow while training.

This gym is twice as expensive as The Fit which is nearby. There may be more weights and equipment here but the age and shape of the equipment may leave you yearning for the other option in Kampong Cham.

Cost: 4,000 Riel

Hours: 4:00 AM (?) to 20:00

Location: Preah Sihanouk along the Mekong River south 350 meters south of the National Road 7 bridge over the Mekong River


Gyms in Phnom Penh?

If you are looking for a fitness center in Phnom Penh I did not add any to my list. Being a big city there are many options in Phnom Penh. I don’t usually spend a lot of time here so I don’t have a lot of experience with the city. If you have any favorites in Cambodia’s capital city leave them below in the comments.

If you have been to any other gyms anywhere in Cambodia please leave some information in the comments as well.

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