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10,000 Miles!!

10,000 Miles!!

After starting my ride in Bangkok about sixteen months ago I have reached another major mileage milestone. Ten thousand miles!!

My ride has taken me through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. I hit the ten-thousand mile mark near Kathmandu, Nepal.

In anticipation I asked friends, family and followers on social media to send me questions they have about my ride. On this post I will answer those questions. Read More

I Decided to Stay in Bangladesh

My first room in Bangladesh.

After the events of last night I fully expected a night full of tossing and turning. I thought every noise would wake me from a sleep that was in reality just a disguised form of consciousness. But I was wrong. I had a restful full nights sleep. I can probably attribute that to the emotional drain of the evens just hours before.

My decision was made before I fell asleep. I’m heading back to India.

If the police are so concerned about my safety then how can I not be equally concerned? I am not sure who is who or what the new day will bring. But I am sure that I don’t want to live in constant wonder of what evil may lurk here.

There were two deadbolts on the door. Not strong deadbolts that would instill a sense of safety but deadbolts that could be bypassed with a swift kick from a five year old. The outside of the door has a stronger lock to be used when I am gone from the room.

In the back of my mind the thoughts that I am actually a prisoner still lingers. I am in my ‘cell’ and the outside world swirling with the unknown is just beyond that door. I get ready to get some breakfast. Sliding the wanna-be deadbolt at the bottom of the door and then the one at the top I push the door and instantly feel resistance.

It won’t open. Read More

Bangladesh. Did I Make A Serious Mistake?

India Tea Fields

I left my hotel in Falakata, India in anticipation of making it into country number seven on my ride around the world. The roads in West Bengal are as good as any I have seen in the past year. This area of India is green – full of jungle and rice fields brought out by the start of the rainy season. 

I opted for the small roads through the villages for the first half of the day. This would leave me with the second half riding along smooth asphalt with little traffic. This was an absolutely perfect day to ride.

There were no signs directing me to the border but the lineup of trucks is usually a good clue. When I finally made it to India immigrations I knew I was in the right place. A man directed me to the right building – not much more than a shack – where I was told I couldn’t cross without an actual visa. Everything I have read and all the people I have talked to said a visa on arrival was available. But I was being told no by the India immigration people. 

The GPS path of my wandering at immigration.

I was taken to the customs office where a number of people were trying to help. Phone calls were being made and officers were asking and responding to all sorts of questions. It was such a flurry I had no idea who was who. My passport passed through more hands in an hour than it has in the past year! Read More

Why Am I Here And Not There?

Mountains along the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand

It seems that border towns are funnels for bicycle tourists. More often than not I meet multiple long distance riders at or near borders. When I was near the Thailand/Myanmar border I ran into a number of long distance bicyclists.

We always have the same conversations: where are you from, where are you going, how long, how far. I started noticing a pattern from the cyclists that have come to Southeast Asia from Europe.

Vietnamese boy eats noodles at his home.

They have all traveled around 12,000 kilometers to get this here.

Wait a minute! That is the same distance I have covered. But I didn’t ride from Southeast Asia to Europe. I am less than five-hundred kilometers from where I started a year ago but I have over 12,000 riding kilometers under my belt. Read More

I’m A Minimalist. How The Hell Did That Happen?

Sitting in a cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand looking out at the rainy world outside.
A good place to avoid the rain and ponder life.

Have you ever thought about decreasing the clutter in your life? Becoming a minimalist? There are countless books, blogs and articles describing ways to achieve that goal. For me it just happened over time. I didn’t plan for it or seek it out. It just happened.

I am sitting in a cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand drinking my usual Thai Ice Tea and I began to wonder about the last ten months on the road. I gave up my apartment back in March ’18 after deciding being homeless was a better option than paying rent while I was also paying for guesthouses as I traveled.

I have gone through a number of downsizing moves in the past as I moved further and further west until I ended up in the east. House to condo, condo to small apartment, apartment to freedom. Read More